MJ White Haulage - Caravan and mobile home transport and siting to the UK & Europe

Our Services

We offer an extensive service delivering from all the manufacturers to holiday sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We offer inter park site movements for companies with various sites over the country. We also move residential single and twin units from site to site and direct from manufacturers. With our specially built trailers we can carry anything from a 10ft wide Holiday Home to a section of Twin Unit 50ft long and more.

An Authorisation of Special Types order must be submitted to every Police Force whose area you travel in. As you can imagine when delivering from Dorset to Fife in Scotland that’s a lot of authorities. You must submit these with 48 hours notice before you can travel with the load on that particular journey.

We also offer Abnormal Load escorting around Dorset/Hampshire.

As one of a few mobile home transporters who deliver to Europe, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge and experience to get some of the bigger park and holiday homes to destinations in France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Luxembourg.

You need a permit for any load that is outside ‘construction and use’, which basically means over 2.50 wide and 16.5m long. This is called a Category 1 permit and covers loads going up to 3m wide and 20m long. Convoi Exceptional Regulations are a minefield; you could use a small rainforest for the amount of the paperwork involved in obtaining the correct legal permits for operating on the continent. Permits are required for each and every itinerary through every port. More information is required for a Convoi Exceptional permit than for a passport.

When the home goes beyond 3m wide and 20m long the service of a pilot vehicle is needed and again a different permit Category 2. This goes on and on as the load gets bigger.

Fully equipped and registered escort vehicles are needed, they must also have their own set of regulations as to their signage, flashing beacons, equipment on board etc.

Convoi Exceptional Regulations are a minefield, you could use a small rainforest for the amount of the paperwork involved in obtaining the correct legal permits for operating on the continent. Permits are required for each and every itinerary through every port. More information is required for a Convoi Exceptional permit than for a passport.

The most important part of our service is the ‘A to B’, we do not take the home of our lorry at any point so it is always 100% insured and safe. We load in the UK and travel to the port we ship from, we drive the home onto the ferry and off the other end direct to the destination. Therefore it is not left unattended on a dock where it could be broken into, damaged by dock traffic or towed about by a tug that can be a little rough and not very respectful of people’s brand new homes or their pride and joy – we have moved people who are very attached to their homes.

The customer can even speak to the English driver so they can get an ETA if they are waiting on site for a delivery.

Holiday homes
We deliver many homes to popular south coast holiday sites from 10ft wide to 14ft wide. Some sites can be tricky as roads can be narrow or busy, however all our drivers have many years experience and good knowledge of our customers sites. During the winter months we get extremely busy as fleet hire vans are sold as second hand and need transporting to dealers and new vans come direct from the factory.

Park homes
Park Homes are generally bigger and people make these their permanent homes, they come with features such as Bay Windows or Porches, which make the load bigger and heavier. They come as a single piece or as a twin unit, in this instance two lorries would be used so as the home arrives at the same time and can be sited immediately.

We are now equipped to offer a specialised siting and de-siting service be it for single units or twin unit residential homes.

Siting of a Holiday Home and Cabin

Second hand homes
As a mobile home ages or people wish to move to a different site, we offer the service of moving them from A to B. Also if a van has served its purpose as temporary accommodation or its sold on ebay.

Units for sale
We like to offer the whole package where possible; therefore we have a range of second hand vans normally ex holiday rentals that we sell for a small amount in order that we gain the job of transporting them. So if you need a home whilst you renovate your house, or if you fancy doing up a place abroad but its not liveable this is an ideal solution.

Whilst not our main area of expertise, we do get involved in moving various boats from yachts to sailing boats. We work along side another company every year moving anything from boats to display stands in and out of the London and Southampton Boat Shows.

With our custom built caravan trailers we can move different sorts of plant equipment from small diggers to JCB’s, we have even imported forklift trucks from Northern Spain.

As wide load specialists, we have been involved in moving temporary classroom, exhibition units and various other Cabins especially in the centre of London which is very challenging especially with the traffic. In most cases the Metropolitan Police have insisted they are moved very late at night.

General Haulage
If your moving abroad, we can offer the use of our boxed in curtain trailer for furniture. Or the transportation of general goods in and around the UK and Europe.

General Haulage

Flower towers
During the spring time, we are involved with local councils delivering flower towers, railing and hanging baskets around the Dorset and Hampshire area. We deliver in the middle of the night so as to avoid traffic and pedestrians; local contractors unload and put them in place ready for various town or city ‘In Bloom’ competitions.

Swimming pools
We have also moved fibreglass swimming pools from Madrid to UK on our flat bed vehicles. We lay them flat, and like a mobile home due to their size they also needed a permit and pilot car as well as additional cost on the ferry for Abnormal Load.

Transportation of a Swimming Pool